The Project

History has traditionally been told by and about men. Although many city documentaries have been produced, none have focused exclusively on the roles played by women. This series will blaze a new trail. The Women of Philadelphia: A Documentary, will be the first series on the history of the city as seen through the perspectives, contributions and impacts of women.

The Opportunity

The Women of Philadelphia: A Documentary, produced for broadcast and broadband with a robust educational component, will capture the true and compelling stories of generations of women who lived, worked, fought for change, raised their families, and shaped Philadelphia.

This series is especially relevant today, as women attain new heights on the leadership ladder and find new definitions of success. The series will celebrate today’s achievements and reveal the challenges of those who came before as well as the challenges we still face.

The series seeks to:

  • Rebalance the historic record
  • Inspire civic action by showing how generations of women invented organizations that spur a higher quality of life
  • Chronicle the experiences of those who carved a place for themselves during eras where social norms and expectations presented multiple barriers, and
  • Foster a more profound understanding of how the past sets the context for the present.