The mission of History Making Productions (HMP) is to engage diverse audiences in the people, events, conflicts and triumphs that shaped the character of Philadelphia over nearly 350 years. HMP seeks to inspire pride in the area’s uniquely rich history, and to foster a more informed conversation about the future of Greater Philadelphia through a deeper understanding of the forces that shaped it.


HMP, a Philadelphia-based documentary film production house, was created in 2008 by Sam Katz, to present these stories through lively, educational and entertaining programming, grounded in scholarship. Utilizing diverse media formats, HMP produces episodes, webisodes, short cuts and other film segments. From our Emmy-winning TV broadcasts, to our presence online and through partners, HMP’s success in connecting hundreds of thousands of viewers is an inspirational model for cultural practice in the region and beyond.

The Great Experiment

HMP is producing the first historical documentary series about the city, Philadelphia: The Great Experiment 
Philadelphia: The Great Experiment features stories about women, which have been integral to our interpretation of the city’s evolution. In producing Women of Philadelphia, HMP hopes to spark new conversations across generations, ethnic identifications and genders about how cities support and challenge women in seeking new ways of defining success in the modern world.